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Secure Your Career: A Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Job Scams

Red flags to look into before accepting the job


Getting a job invite or a response from your job application can be very exciting. This is the point that you are very hopeful that you will land a new remote job. But before accepting any job offer, you may want to consider checking if the job is the dream job you are looking for or it’s just one of the many scam jobs being posted online.

Here we list some red flags to look into before accepting the job.

1. Client is asking you to pay a fee before hiring

2. Client is asking you to buy a tool or software with your personal money

3. Client is asking for a sample unpaid task

4. Client is asking to complete the work without paying an upfront

5. Client is asking for several IDs and documents before starting to work

6. Client is asking you to sign up to the website with your personal information

7. Client is asking you to use your personal social media account to use for their business

8. Client will pay you a very small amount for them to give you a good feedback

Based on our extensive experience, we have identified common red flags that can help you recognize potential scam job postings. At Freelancertogo, we prioritize the safety and security of our freelancers. Therefore, we have implemented a stringent filtering and verification process for all job postings before they are published live on our platform. This commitment to diligence ensures that the job posts you encounter on Freelancertogo are thoroughly vetted and safe for our community of freelancers.